Thursday, July 19, 2012

I WONDER by Tact Boogie

This is a cut from the EP Release NINE: Creation In Matter Available for FREE download 7/20/12 Like and share and share alike! 

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

The Best Has Yet To Come


Friday, May 1, 2009


From the desktop of Torrey Adams:

Quest and Beat Freaks with Yolonda Anderson of She Cares

This was the 1st of many events and service to come from a great organization. The She Cares Foundation focuses on providing resources for independent mothers. Thank you Yolanda, Corey, Ricky and Sheila and the rest of the crew. Check out more photos on my Facebook page.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

LeMatiq - Fight For The Vision

From the desktop of Torrey Adams:

I have been mentoring and helping develop Lamont "Lematiq" Easter,Jr. for 4 years. Here is his first video. Directed and produced by LeMatiq and also written, produced and performed by LeMatiq.
I am very proud to work with LeMatiq and he continues to be welcome at KhyKel Music Enterprises. Helluva job man!!!


Sunday, February 15, 2009


From the desktop of Torrey Adams:


The good news is, we will reveal that secret very soon. The bad news....well there is none. KhyKel just received a proposal to merge with a new company. That's all I can say at this point. Negotiations have begun and we look forward to discussing this merge and its benefits for us.



visit for your project's music needs.

From the the Universe!

Wednesday, January 28, 2009


Yet another great post from DAILYOM.COM

The idea of trusting the universe is a popular one these days, but many of us don’t know what this really means and we often have a hard time doing it. This is partly because the story of humankind is most often presented as a story about struggle, control, and survival, instead of one of trust and collaboration with the universe. Yet, in truth, we need to adhere to both ideas in this life.

On the one hand, there is much to be said about exerting control over our environment. We created shelter to protect ourselves from the elements. We hunted for animals and invented agriculture to feed ourselves. We built social infrastructures to protect ourselves and create community. This is how we survive and grow as a civilization. However, it is also clear that there are plenty of things that we cannot control, no matter how hard we try, and we often receive support from an unseen force – a universe that provides us with what we cannot provide for ourselves.

It is a good idea to take responsibility for the things in life that we can control or create. We work so we can feed, clothe, and shelter our loved ones and ourselves. We manifest our dreams and visions in physical form with hard work and forethought. But at a certain point, when have done all that we can, we must let go and allow the universe to take over. This requires trust. It requires a trust that runs deeper than just expecting things to turn out the way we want them to. Sometimes they will, and sometimes they won’t. We develop equanimity and grace as we learn to trust that, with the guiding hand of the universe, life will unfold exactly the way it should. We are engaged in an ongoing relationship with a universe that responds to our thoughts and actions.

Once again its on!!!!

From the desktop of Torrey Adams:

My annual CES trip. Start the year off with a tech rush!!

Still going....cause it dont stop!!! I'M SOLAR baby!!!

Friday, August 29, 2008



When we feel stuck in our lives it’s important to take stock of what is going on and find out if there is something we are doing or not doing that is keeping us stuck. Sometimes the situation is out of our control, and we need to look within to find the patience required to wait with equanimity until things move forward again. Many times, though, we can find the source of our stagnation in our own hearts and minds. Sometimes we are clinging to old ideas about reality and we need to make adjustments that will bring us back in tune with life, so we can flow again. Sometimes we find that fear of change is what’s keeping us stuck, and we can resolve to find ways of facing that fear.

If introspection does not provide the answers we need, it can sometimes be helpful to ask those around you if they notice anything obvious that you might not be able to see. Remember to ask someone whom you can trust to be kind and sensitive as well as honest. Try to let go of your resistance because whenever there is something we can’t see ourselves, it’s because we don’t want to see it. Try to listen with an open mind, and remember that you are always the final judge of what you need. Anything offered to us from an outside source will need to be processed within before its wisdom can take hold.

In all this, be kind to yourself and remember that we all get stuck sometimes. Think of it as a part of your process, a necessary step on your journey, rather than as a problem that shouldn’t be happening. This can help to keep your frustration at bay and give you the space you need to take a deep breath and really figure out what’s going on.

Saturday, July 12, 2008


From the desktop of Torrey Adams:

The Original Buffalo Soldiers and I having a chat about life after the show. Blak AXX and Lematiq performed at the 16th Annual Juneteenth Celebration in Santa Monica. The show was a great experience and we look to continue performing every year.

KhyKel Music


Tuesday, May 27, 2008

The Recording Process, Just listen!

From the desktop of Torrey Adams:

My man Quik sums it up perfectly. Coming from the same era in music, those who know me, knew me and will know me, will know thats me. I love music that much! To stop all else to create what I enjoy the most although my family always comes first, its not much time when you go with the flow and let the Universe plug it in!

This is for those who just can't understand why I do what I do.



KhyKel Ladies Graduate with Honors

From the desktop of Torrey Adams:

Congrats to Danelle and Tiffany for graduating and receiving a BA degree in Communications. The 2 ladies are working directly with KhyKel to hone their skills and expand our brand, product and services. They graced the stage with honors and will have our full support in any endeavor they wish to take on. Peace to my ladies!

KhyKel Music

Peace to Xzibit and family. Love you brotha!

Monday, May 5, 2008

KhyKel Communicates at CAL STATE UNIVERSITY Dominguez Hills '08 Communications Banquet

Keryssa, Myself, Erin and Alexis

From the desktop of Torrey Adams:

Had a great weekend. Things are slowly but surely coming together for us. We sponsored and attended the 2008 California State University Dominguez Hills Communications Banquet. Other sponsors included KJLH Radio 102.3, Chivas Soccer Organization, The Laker Girls, P.F Changs to name a few. The keynote was given by Karen E. Slade, GM of KJLH, and she spoke of never giving up, building good business relations and most importantly "CHANGE". Its everywhere.

Honors and awards were given in the Mass Comm and PR fields and 2 scholarships were awarded to various students who have achieved a great deal while at CSUDH. The event was planned and managed by our very own Marketing and PR Director Danelle Hunn. We sponsored a table and handed out Pre-Interview questionnaires to get to know the students who were interested in the music and overall entertainment business. Great food, raffle, silent auction and live entertainment provided a great atmosphere for networking and introducing KhyKel to CSUDH.

Being a Carson, CA. based company, we strive to connect with and support businesses, schools and people of the community. Look for more collaborative events and efforts between KhyKel and CSUDH. Thats Keryssa, Erin and Alexis who sat at our table and all are interning at major companies including, UMG, BET and Hustler Casino. Thanks to everyone in the department for allowing us to be apart of a great event.

KhyKel Music


Tuesday, April 29, 2008

From LA to LA; KhyKel Closes Another Film Deal

From the desktop of Torrey Adams:

Hey everybody. I know its been awhile, but the post-production of Blak AXX debut EP is nearing an end and ready for manufacturing. We have also been in our film music production division making moves.

I told you a month or so ago that we are in negotiations with a film production house to use a song for its title feature. Just to give you guys some insight, the budget is starting at $6 Mil.

Also from this division we have closed a deal with American Film Institute and Pamela K. Johnson(Dir./Writer)to use a musical piece for their film "Stitches" opening scene. Its a film about a mother and daughter being displaced to Utah from New Orleans after Katrina.

Pamela brought in Big Chief Brian Nelson, a New Orleans born musician to assist in the process. We came up with an original piece to compliment the outstanding work done by AFI and Pamela. Special thanks to Producer Will Belcher for the opportunity to be a part of an amazing project.

On a shorter note, we are developing a company sampler that will showcase past, present and future work done by our creative staff. Danelle Hunn is spearheading our marketing campaign that looks to launch sometime this fall or early winter.

Thanks to all for the continued support. God Bless you!

KhyKel Music



Monday, April 7, 2008

LeMatiq's Performance Debut - A Star is Born

From the desktop of Torrey Adams:

What up peeps!

One of KhyKel's talented graced the stage of the West Angeles Theatre in Los Angeles this past Sat. He did an original dance routine for an audience of about 150 people.
The show was the Komedy Slam, a Gospel comedy tour hosted by Monty B. Sharpton(TBN) and LeMatiq killed it. The photo shows how happy he was after "signing autographs". You have come a long way my brotha, but "it dont stop" like we say at KhyKel. Look for Lematiq to join the tour in the future.

Other news, My man Blak AXX is licking his chops! His MC debut EP "AXX Around" is in the final stages and a few days away from being sent to the manufacturer. We are anticipating a great response. Songs include the title track "AXX Around" and the club booty banger "SLIDE". The six song project is the prelude to "The AXX Files Vol. 1", his full length debut. We are at about 25 songs for that project and will start recording more once we launch the EP. More details to come on how you can experience and enjoy what I think to be one of the best new and unsigned MC's in the world.

KhyKel Music

The Pres!


Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Accepting Yourself

Yet another great post by the Daily OM:

A Dynamic Choice-Maker

There is no such thing as a good person or a bad person. There are choices and actions that lead us in different directions, and it is through those choices and actions that we create our realities. Sometimes we choose or do something that takes us in the opposite direction of the reality we want to create for ourselves. When we do this, we feel bad—, uneasy, unhappy, unsure. We might go so far as to label ourselves “bad” when a situation like this arises. Instead of labeling ourselves, though, we could simply acknowledge that we made a choice that lead us down a particular path, and then let it go, forgiving ourselves and preparing for our next opportunity to choose, and act, in ways that support our best intentions.

Many of us experienced childhoods in which the words good and bad were used as weapons to control us—you were good if you did what you were told and bad if you didn’t. This kind of discipline undermines a person’s ability to find their own moral center and to trust and be guided by their own inner self. If you were raised this way, you may find yourself feeling shock waves of badness when you do something you were taught was wrong, even if now you don’t agree that it’s bad. Conversely, you may feel good when you do what you learned was right. Notice how this puts you in something of a straitjacket. An important part of our spiritual unfolding requires that we grow beyond what we learned and take responsibility for our own liberation in our own terms.

You are a human being with every right to be here, learning and exploring. To label yourself good or bad is to think too small. What you are is a decision-maker and every moment provides you the opportunity to move in the direction of your higher self or in the direction of stagnation or degradation. In the end, only you know the difference. If you find yourself going into self-judgment, try to stop yourself as soon as you can and come back to center. Know that you are not good or bad, you are simply you.

Saturday, March 22, 2008



From the desktop of Torrey Adams:

What up peeps!


Blak AXX's debut EP is being mixed and will be sent for replication within the next few weeks. His debut promises to deliver some of the newest sounds, concepts and content. The project is executive produced by KhyKel Music Enterprises, produced by Tact Boogie Productions (Tact Boogie and LeMatiq), mixed by Tact Boogie, artwork by KME Designs and marketing/public relations done by Danelle Hunn, our Marketing Director along with the help of newly acquired Monique Renea Marketing and Media. This EP is the prelude to what looks to be a great career for Blak AXX. His development has moved into the exposure stage and I strongly believe he will turn some heads and open some ears. The EP will be available for FREE download for a limited time TBA. Stay tuned.

KhyKel Music


Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Jamiel Shaw Jr. - Peace my young brotha!

From the desktop of Torrey Adams - KhyKel Music

Peace to Jamiel Shaw Jr. and family.

LAPD have now apprehended a suspect and is still looking for the other one, who shot and killed a high school football star who did not "bang". I am really lost with words. My heart and soul goes out to the family and friends. Together we stand, united we soar!!!

Here is a press release of the latest along with a tribute video!


Sunday, March 9, 2008

Gang Violence - Not only in America

From the desktop of Torrey Adams - KhyKel Music President

Came across this article from a site in New Zealand. Hip Hop influenced musicians and stars are coming together to try and stop this nonsense. Here in the US, Los Angeles where I am, this problem is escalating and more and more innocent people are being taken away from their entire families, only to create a cycle of hate for another and keep this vicious cycle in motion. Bless all that want to change this world for the better.

You can read the article here.

As Always,


Saturday, March 8, 2008

Im at it Again - The Formula Bubbles!!!

From the desktop of Torrey Adams - KhyKel Music President

Just submitted new custom music for a major film title song. Brought in AXX and LeMatiq to assist and we came up with one of our best collabs to date. I feel real good about this one. The film is in early development stages. Will of course keep you posted on the developments.


Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Hip Hop Birthplace Saved

Philanthropic efforts to save 1520 Sedgwick Ave., the historic birthplace of the Hip Hop culture, have resulted in the New York HPD denying the owners the sale and preserving the buildings.

Pioneer DJ Kool Herc was enlisted to lead the fight.(pound) Also, 1520 Sedgwick Avenuve is now eligible to be listed on national registers of historic sites. Thats huge. Hats of to the people who contributed. Knowledge of the system. If you got it, you can get it!!!

Peace to Juvenile and Family and to all the families of all tragedies.

KhyKel Music

Monday, February 25, 2008

Feb 25 Daily OM

Another great post from the Daily OM:

The Kaleidoscope Of Life
Living Together Differently

We tend to gravitate toward people who are most like us, at least in the ways that make us feel comfortable. But life has its way of bringing us into contact with people who challenge us with their differences. It may be an obvious difference reflected in their outward appearance or an invisible but powerful philosophical stance. Even in our closest circle of friends and family, though, there are those that confront us with their different ways of experiencing and expressing life. We can choose to resist, but we can also choose to learn from them and appreciate that they too have a place in the kaleidoscope of life.

As much as we may say that we want peace and quiet and a life without struggle, the truth is that human beings are currently thriving in a world of dualities and challenges. It is how we choose to approach these hurdles that determine if we sail over them, confirming our agility, or trip and end up face down in the dust. And each of us absolutely will and must stumble, and then get up, brush the dust off, and carry on. This is how we learn and grow, developing depth of character and shades of understanding. In a world of dualities, we have trouble defining ourselves without something opposite and can’t discover who we are. Without challenge, there is nothing to do and nothing to discover. That leaves us either in a state of nonbeing or in the state of pure spirit, but as humans, we are spiritual beings experiencing the physical world in all of its startling contrast and beauty.

No matter how spiritual we are, our lives will have challenges. We will always run into people that are different from us, but the true challenge may be in finding ways to be at peace with this process. Rather than give in to the fight-or-flight response that comes from our animal nature, we can find new ways to evolve together into higher, more beautiful expressions of ourselves, realizing, embracing, and celebrating the beauty of diversity and the strength it offers for the future.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Feb 19 Daily OM

From the great souls at Daily OM:

Outside The Comfort Zone

Things We Don’t Want To Do

Most of us have had the experience of tackling some dreaded task only to come out the other side feeling invigorated, filled with a new sense of confidence and strength. The funny thing is, most of the time when we do them, we come out on the other side changed and often wondering what we were so worried about or why it took us so long. We may even begin to look for other tasks we’ve been avoiding so that we can feel that same heady mix of excitement and completion.

Whether we avoid something because it scares us or bores us, or because we think it will force a change we’re not ready for, putting it off only creates obstacles for us. On the other hand, facing the task at hand, no matter how onerous, creates flow in our lives and allows us to grow. The relief is palpable when we stand on the other side knowing that we did something even though it was hard or we didn't want to do it. On the other hand, when we cling to our comfort zone, never addressing the things we don’t want to face, we cut ourselves off from flow and growth.

We all have at least one thing in our life that never seems to get done. Bringing that task to the top of the list and promising ourselves that we will do it as soon as possible is an act that could liberate a tremendous amount of energy in our lives. Whatever it is, we can allow ourselves to be fueled by the promise of the feelings of exhilaration and confidence that will be the natural result of doing it.

Monday, February 18, 2008

Saturday, February 16, 2008

Saturday, February 9, 2008

It was ALL for charity...

KhyKel Music co-sponsored this event and it was ALL for CHARITY. The turn out was amazing and we were honored to donate our time and money to a wonderful cause.

How can an organization turn down an event that was ALL for CHARITY? This company was built on the foundation of truly educating and preparing kids for their future endeavors and responsibilities, whether entertainment related or not. We truly speak to today's and tomorrow's youth about self realization, love and education. We provide a home for kids who have dreams of being an entertainer AND a great person. We are currently mentoring a small group of young adults and look to extend our assistance to younger groups in the near future.

View press release HERE.

Special Thanks to In 2 It Media, Kenny(security), Peter and Staff(Boulevard 3), Ryan Shaw, Estelle, Dot Dot Dot, Monique, Big Billy, Megan, Alicia, Travis, Allyson, my co-sponsors Guitar Hero III, Heineken, Red Bull, Ecstasy Vodka, Home School Records, JFish Kicks, the all new KhyKel Team(Danelle, Tiffany, LeMatiq, Blak AXX, Kevyn), my family(Pops, Robyn, Tammy, Trina, Billy), Ana Reign, Brittany, Benji and Josh, all the celebs and media and of course VH1 Save The Music Foundation. Thanks Jenn! It was all a team!!!

Now lets do it again!!

KhyKel Music